Ode to Bowser

Daffodils in a row, delicatly blowing in the wind.

Not what you think of when you see a big black and white, freckled dog with a big nose, big feet and big bark. Not delicate at all.

He barked at and burst balloons to make your ears ring. He rushed up to strangers with bluffing bravado. Old windbag.

He ate sausage after sausage to the very end. Barking for more until there was no more.

What a rowdy boisterous demanding boy who came on like lion in March. He was a goofus doofus and the bestest of pals.

He left us as the daffodils swayed. Bouquets of daffies and more bouquets.Daffydowndillys dancing in a row.


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