Prayer for Snickers

You have been with us less than a year. You have brought so much laughter and sheer joy to our lives. You made a change in the air. You have dictated the pattern of our days. We have so many more adventures to go on. We don’t want to lose you. Know that your moommas are thinkng of you all through the night.Feel no pain or fear. Dr.Nell loves you and is watching over you. St. Francis say a prayer for our little boy.


One thought on “Prayer for Snickers

  1. I’m so sorry that Snickers isn’t feeling well. My thoughts are with you, Vivian, Snickers and the rest of the gang. We’re sending prayers that things will be brighter in the morning. Kitties and I are lighting a votive now, and Phoebe is barking in her sleep. ❤
    Love, Heidi, Sailor, Atari & Lil' Phoebe

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