Happy go lucky guy

He showed his love by showing us his toy, moaning softly as he followed us around.

He showed his love with his head on our lap. His amber eyes reflected all the golden shades of happiness. His round chameleon eyes had a shade for giddy happiness, a shade for pure distilled love, a shade for when he missed us and a shade for how much he wanted a piece of our banana or toast.

Today is eyes looked at me for the last time. His eyes were dark with pain. He held his head in my lap He seemed confused by the pain but yet I believe he knew it was his time. And that I was there to hold him and escape the pain.

Dr. Nell, who helped Spotty cross-over just about a year ago, was there with Snickers today. She understood the irony of the situation, same room, same time of year and another sweet Brittany boy. She knew how much we adored him.

Snickers filled the hole when Spotty left us. He was like a younger livelier Spotty and reminded me of Spots energetic ways. But Snickers was a distinctly different personality. Like Spot, he had this purposeful gait. It was like they were on the a quest. It was like seeing Spot’s ghost.

But he demonstrated that he was Snickers and his own person. He settled in at once, made friends with dogs and cats. He bonded to us at once. But especially with my sister, Vivan. I think he sensed that she needed him more. He stayed by her all the time. When she broke her leg, and through the fire. When she came back from the hospital he stayed by her bedside.
Despite his high energy and restless ways, He was amazingly careful around her and her walker. He could drive us nuts with his vocalizations but it also made us laugh. It was his gift to us. Laughter. He helped us both heal.

We still have a household that includes, 2 dogs, three cats and 9 parakeets, the house feels empty and quiet. I already miss his boisterous, happy ways. He lifted a cloud that had been hanging over us. A miracle boy and magical boy. You will never be forgotten.

It is also the anniversary of the death of another dog I knew. Bowser, a black and white border collie/shepherd?mix. He was my friend Lorraine’s dog. A stray that became a permanent fixture in her life. We had a number of adventures together with our various dogs over the years. Many wonderful walks. So Snickers and Bowser share the same day of death. Lorraine’s dog Elke and My dog Buster also share the same date of death. Such strange sychronicities that our animals share.
If my sister had not gone in about a year ago to volunteer at the humane society, she would not have met him in the lobby and took to him right way. We wasted no time in getting to meet him. Went the next day to his foster mom’s house and took him home the same day. Love at first sight. Absolute love.
May we all meet again in Beautiful Joe’s Heaven.


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