What a difference a dog makes

We are coping. But the presence of Snickers is still sorely missed. The urge to go the the Humane Society this weekend is very strong despite that we are in the process of applying for a Brittany rescue.

My sister, is missing him too. I can tell. She has been going to sleep early in the evening and lacks energy during the day. SHe masks it with alcohol. Quietly, secretly. An alcoholic living with an alcoholic. I never imagined that I would live with my sister and that she would have a more serious alcohol problem than me.

I still don’t think she realizes yet how much of a drunk she is. On one level yes. But she doesnt accept how long she has been an alcoholic.

I know that I have had a drinking problem since I was about 19. I was about 30 before I recognized I had a problem.
That doesn’t make me a more aware person but I think living alone gave me a different perspective on how I used alcohol. And I did theater. I waitressed I worked and lived in a drinking world for a number of years. It still is a part of me.


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