The littlest birds

I’ve been noticing the little birds lately. The sparrows, finches, chickadees, bushtits and hummingbirds. They have been in abundance in my front yard. I think the ornamental plums have aphids and they are drawn to the smorgasboard. However, there is a nest of chickadees in a bird house next door and I see the mother, father and little chicks flitting about getting food. I imagine there will more than one hatching.

I also think that I have a pair of hummingbirds with a nest near by. I can sit at my front window and see the the myriad of subtle relationships between the trees the birds the shelter of the grape arbor next door. The hummingbirds have been drawn to a number of blossoms since February. Daphne, lilac and now foxgloves. Tonight I saw both hummingbirds going from one bloom to the next all over the front yard. I have never seen them visit my garden so regularly.

It made me realize how much my garden has matured over the years. Trees and shrubs have grown to provide shelter and food for a number of birds. 18 years ago, there was very little plant life in my yard. A few azaleas out front and in the back an apple tree and some roses. It has evolved into something that is beyond me.

I know it sounds corny but seeing a little bird not much bigger than a bumble bee, making my garden its home, fulfills me. I really take joy in those quiet moments looking out my own window to see the small miracles.

I can’t but feel blessed. But at the same time, I can’t rid my mind of the obscene man-made disaster in the Gulf and yet I feel numb. I can’t fathom it. I can’t watch it on TV or read about it as, I feel ill. And now it has become a witch-hunt and a blame game and a lynching mob. We can twit and twitter all we want but we really don’t make a difference.

Getting angry seems so futile. All you can say is “Never again, never again” Let’s just hope someone is listening.


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