My connection to Judy Garland

I have always been a fan of Judy Garland and today, I realized that we have a few things in common. We are both Gemini’s. Her birthday is June 10 (the same as my Aunt Bessie’s) and mine is June 11.

And the other connection is that among my Aunt Bessie’s photo albums (remember fellow Gemini) were photos of someone called Karl Kosiczky who looked like a little person. He was posing with several other little people in what looked like a circus setting. The fact that his name was written on the picture made me curious. I googled the name and sure enough, there was a Wikipedia article about him.

He happens to be one of the last remaining actors that appeared as a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. There are even several youtube interviews with him and of him appearing at special events.

For a number of years, I was always wondering why these pictures were among my Aunt’s collection. I can only guess that she or someone she knew went to the circus where Karl was appearing and got snapshots of them behind the scenes.

Another synchronistic part of this is that I found out that this week is the annual birthday celebration for Judy Garland and it mentions that karl usually attends. So I emailed the event people about the photos I have and hoped to be able to contact him at some point. I will see if anyone responds.

In the mean time enjoy this odd piece of history discovered in an old photo album. Karl was 18 years old and weighed 23 lbs.<a href=”“>


3 thoughts on “My connection to Judy Garland

  1. Thanks Twila. I told it a bit awkwardly, but I found it rather fascinating, too. I feel like the history detective.

    I first viewed the photos almost 18 years ago and I never thought of looking his name up until this week.

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