Bless all the living things

The images of all the sea animals and the marshes and wetlands oozing black sludge. An entire eco-sytem crapped on. It is heart-breaking. As devastating as an earthquake or flood but it could been prevented. It should have been prevented.

As people we aren’t content to fish and hunt species to extinction or foul the earth with our leftovers, we have to dig holes in our already garbage infested oceans in order to poison our waters even more.

It is not just our cars that use the oil we depend on. It is the plastic water bottles, and all the plastic milk jugs and other disposable products for which we don’t have an easy way to recycle. Manufacturers haven’t done enough to reduce packaging and we haven’t changed the way we spend our money.

Sometimes it takes baby steps for change. Everybody has to debate change and blame the other guy for why it’s taking so long.

Meanwhile, come this winter we will be bitching about the price of seafood.


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