I haven’t had insomnia for a while but tonight I can’t sleep. My roommate fell out of her bed and because she is so drunk she can’t manage to get up and get back into bed. I can’t lift her up to help her back so I gave her some pillows and her blanket and told her to sleep on the floor.

I have had it. My life has been negatively impacted by her problems and her disease for the past three years. I have done my best and my worst to help her. I am taking the advice of Al-Anon to heart and letting go.

If she does not go into rehab, she will be evicted. She knows this. But like everything else in her life, she is in denial. and she keeps drinking so she doesn’t have to face this. I am the last of her family members that has taken care of her. I am all she has. And yet she rarely says thank you.

I am so tired I can’t think straight. But when I can, I will write about why I think alcoholics and other addicts are the most selfish humans on earth. I know it is a disease, addiction. I know that as much as any one. But understanding that it is out of their control, doesn’t make me any more patient or sympathetic. After years of helping this person out of one problem after another, I no longer want to pick up the pieces. I want MY life back. I resent her and I almost would rather have her out of my life, than live like this. If she wants to kill herself with alcohol, let her do it on her own time and in her own space, not my home.


2 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. allow me to share my grapes ~ I couldn’t sleep either the other night. Really must hand the people back their shit I have so carefully collected in little plastic bags

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