Stormy never forgot

For all the days of her life that she lived with me she knew she was loved. But she never forgot the abuse and fear she had for the first year of her life. She never could go anywhere without being afraid of people and other dogs.

She learned to trust only a few. She never knew the joy of a dog park or excitement of walking down a busy street.

Yet, she did know out of the way places. The private places we found together. Kelly Point Park, Smith-Bybee Lakes, along the Columbia and the Slough. The Columbia Pioneer Cemetery. I treasure those secret places.She learned to relax in these places away from people and other dogs. Just her, me and the soft rustling of trees.

When I read these stories of animal abuse and how some of these poor creatures were tortured and suffered even more than my own Stormy, and yet they learn to trust and love. I wish that she could have learned to trust the world more but then maybe she had her reasons to distrust.


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