The Casper Effect

Below may seem like a garbled mess but it is the documentation of the death of a dog and how a community responded to it: In Memory of Casper and all the others who should not be forgotten.

Date: April 27, 2011 9:22:06 AM PDT
To: Dave Reed
Cc: “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “”
Subject: Re: Casper Klamath County Progress report

This is great, Dave. It might not help Casper but many other animals might benefit.

Perhaps we should send this to other county animal control orgs as a guideline? I’m thinking a brief history detailing the HUNDREDS of calls, emails, faxes received might open their eyes. 馃檪

Also press releases to state media on how a few concerned people CAN make a difference!!
Susan B. Castner
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Call or text 503-502-3419
On Apr 27, 2011, at 7:42 AM, Dave Reed wrote:

Below is a rough framework for how our community plans to deal with future occurences of the nature of Caspers suffering death. We ( what I call an Advisory Committee of the three of us) still plan to meet to tie up some lose ends,and recommend a communications & monitoring program to insure the ongoing efficacy of our community’s renewed commitment to our animals rights. (This outreach could benefit from media co-operation too).
Thank you to all who expressed concern for and interest in this tragic incident. If we can make this plan work effectively, Casper’s suffering will not have been in vain.
Dave Reed
PS: Please disseminate this further as you see fit ( thre were no bcc’s)

In a message dated 4/26/2011 12:39:04 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Trish and Dave,

I feel we accomplished our original goals and it is not necessary or even ideal to draw anymore time from Klamath Falls Police Department, Klamath County Animal Control, Klamath Animal Shelter (Klamath Humane Society), or City Council.

Thanks to the full support and cooperation of the above agencies and you, the following was accomplished:
* Public visibility of Casper’s case.
路* Reenergized animal care agencies and public support for preventing cruelty to animals.
路* Existing 24/7 emergency animal rescue verified and confirmed (Klamath Animal Control “Call-Out” instructions revised and redistributed to law enforcement).
*路 Existing emergency veterinary care verified and confirmed (Animal Emergency Service 2726 S. 6th St, 541-882-9005; fee-based service listed in yellow pages under Veterinarians & Hospitals).
*路 Existing euthanasia service for low-to-no income individuals and families verified and confirmed (contact Animal Control and/or Klamath Animal Shelter for low pay/no pay options).

* Existing interagency communication on animal-care strengthened between Animal Control, Klamath Falls Police Dept., and District Attorney’s Office.

Klamath Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) will continue its efforts to integrate animal welfare and human welfare by educating and involving our community to address the whole family violence system (including child abuse, domestic and sexual violence, elder abuse, and animal abuse), presentations on the link between “Animal Cruelty & Human Violence,” helping parents use family pets to build empathy skills with their children, and *more.

*CAP’s animal-care programs include:
integrating animal welfare and human welfare路
: Empathy skill building路
Neighborhood Pet Watch Program registered with USAonWatch.org路

Thank you for all your help.


Michael Kaibel
Violence Prevention Coordinator
PO Box 681
Merrill, OR 97633-0681




I want to clarify that Dave Reed did not start an on-line campaign on his Facebook page. Dave Reed contacted me on my Facebook page the Patrick Movement Oregon. He told me what had happened and what he witnessed.

I followed up by calling the police dept to find out what had happened and did not get a clear answer but that a police report was filed.

I then initiated a letter campaign and petition for an investigation to be made. I contacted the Oregon Humane Society, Klamath Falls humane society, Animal Control in Klamath Co, the Police dept and the Klamath Falls Board of Commissioners who oversees An.Control. I also contacted your mayor and local legislators as well as the Klamath Falls Herald News.

Dave Reed reported to me that after they had a town meeting, a number of people agreed that this situation could have been handled better and that a dog should never have had to suffer a long lingering death because of lack of action. That was the whole point. Humane options were available. Animal Control and the Police could have informed these people of low cost euthanasia options.

The people, who owned Casper, in my estimation should still be on watch for animal abuse and neglect.. They have other animals on their property and are now harassing Dave Reed for speaking out. And to have the Klamath Falls Herald report that Dave is responsible for the allegations is wrong. Other neighbors also called the police to report that the animal was suffering.

The reporter who called me, was rather accusatory in his manner before he got any information from me. I think that he had his mind made up before he chose to write the story.

He asked me to retract my story. I am not a reporter. I made that clear. We were asking for an investigation of animal abuse, which it was. We were asking that the animal abuse laws of this state be enforced.

Thank you.

Susan Stelljes
April 25, 2011 update

Today we heard from Dave Reed the gentleman from Klamath Falls who was the first to report about Casper the dog that was left outside to die.

In the beginning there was a lot of confusion about how this situation was handled by local authorties and we started a petition to several agencies to ask for an investigation. We also contacted the Klamath Falls Herald about this.

The letters and telephone calls had some result as there was some sort of concensus that in the future their agencies need to respond to an animal in distress instead of leaving it to die because the owner could not or would not have it euthanized. They claimed they could not afford the fee.

Since then, Dave is getting grief from these people who let Casper die alone in pain. He has also been accused of filing false charges by a Klamath Falls Herald reporter. I was also asked while I was making accusations when I didn’t know the facts. I explained to the reporter that I didn’t know all the facts and that I wasn’t a witness but that is why I was asking for an investigation.

Dave Reed is now enduring harassment for speaking out. It pisses me off that a newspaper whether on the record or off the record who take such a slanted perspective.

You can read the history of this case below.

I think this warrants an official statement to the paper if necessary to protect Dave Reed’s reputation and to admonish them for their judgement.

Daves Post as of 4/25/2011
Dave Reed
For accurate , thorough and complete coverage of animal rights in Klamath Falls email for ciminal justice write

Thank you all so much. Casper is smiling !!!!
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Dave Reed
CASPERS LAST STAND….update. The Herald and News has published inaccurate articles and chosen to villify and demonize me for what they claim was a ‘false accusation’. A so called Grand Jury met ( in what i call a cya rush to judgment) without any eyewitness testimony and looks like just based on a partial police report and decided that there was no neglect or abuse. Member the old saw……the operation was a success ….but the patient died ? The result has been that i have been threatened and harassed for having spoken out. How dare I love animals…shame on me, huh!! Some ‘sketchy’ dude even came to my door Sunday night to weigh in. Getting uglydown here. The dog owner has threatend me with personal harm and made idiotic false reports to the police about my car being parked wrongly ( whihc they agree id not so ). The police have been great, the newspaper tyrannical and eveerybody else running for cover. Only two/three people have stepped up locally.[
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Patrick: The Oregon Movement
David I am so sorry for the trouble with the press and neighbors harassing you. Is the paper still reporting on this story? Can I find it online. Doesn’t seem like objective reporting to me. But then they might accuse me of that. But I don…See More
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I wanted to let you know that over 600 signatures made it to Casper’s petition and Dave Reed from Klamath Falls reported that they had an impact. At the Town Meeting on Monday, there was discussion that all the agencies invlved will get together and resolve the situation so that another animal doesn’t have to die a long lingering death because of inaction. People in need should be referred to agencies that will help them ease their animal into death rather than letting it suffer.

Dave Reed will be checking back in with us.

Thanks to all of you for signing the petition.

Susan Stelljes


NOTE FROM ANIMAL ABUSE INVESTIGATOR: I asked their opinion on if we did the right thing on behalf of Casper and this is what they said:

“I don’t think anyone overreacted and the situation could have been better for Casper in my opinion. In the absence of animal control there is always an emergency veterinarian that can address an animal in distress if the pet owner takes it to them for help. Relief of pain and distress for a pet owner’s animal(s) is required by law and hiding behind financial constraints is not a defense. There is always option whether it be payment options or finding a vet who will do it for the sake of the animal.”


April 19, 2011

Article in Klamath Falls Herald:

April 18, 2011

I heard from a reporter from the Herald News in Klamath Falls and he says that he has done some looking into this situation in town. He says that he has taken a look at the police reports and he says that there was no indication of abuse. He implied that we were making false accusations against people without knowing the facts. I explained to him, that I did not witness the incident but that I had been in communication with Dave Reed a neighbor who was one of the people who called the police.

Dave felt there was concern and I acted on his behalf to start a letter writing campaign and petition so that this case would be investigated. Sue Castner another volunteer made calls also to the police and other agencies asking questions and trying to find out what went on and why this poor dog died alone. Whether or not it was freezing outside, it seemed to us a neglectful act and a rather sad one.

I want to apologize if I made a judgement in error on my actions. But part of this activity is to react to what we see might be a wrong. I realize the people who owned Casper may not have done anything wrong in their estimation but what is nothing wrong in someone’s book is neglect in anothers.

All I wanted and so did others was for someone to be accountable. It is my personal opinion that the police or animal control could have helped these people put their dog to sleep in a humane way. There are agencies who would help.

Susan Stelljes

From Sue Castner, who has been following up on this for us:

Anyone who CAN show up at the Klamath Falls City Council mtg tomorrow evening, SHOULD show up. The fact is – neighbors called and did what they could. Police DID go to the property but saw nothing wrong. There are 3 dogs tethered to poleson that property right now. I have been told that the woman living in the house is the one who MAY be the issue when it comes to the dogs. There HAVE been domestic violence calls to that address. I think those in attendance should ask for a complete investigation. ANYONE who saw the animal – cold, starved, suffering – needs to step up and SAY something. Without witnesses, all the City Council has to go on is what is written on the 911 response form. I wasn’t there. If you SAW something that was questionable, step up and SAY so. I know that’s hard – especially in a community as small as Klamath Falls. Edmund Burke famously said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I’m sure he meant to say “good women,” too.

Write to these folks to complain about lack of 24/7 animal control.

Mayor of Klamath falls:

Klamath County Board of Commissioners
re: Dog Control

305 Main Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
(541) 883-5100
(800) 377-6091 Toll Free
(541) 883-5163 Fax

Additional contacts to register complaints:

Klamath Falls Police:
Non- Emergency and Information:541-883-5336

Klamath Co. Animal Control:
4250 Washburn Way
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Toll Free:
1 800 377 6091


We are petitioning an investigation into the death of a dog named Casper, on April 10, 2011 in Klamath Falls. Casper was a very old dog that was left outside to die by his owners. Despite, the police being called b yneighbors numerous times about a dog in distress, the police could not remove the dog from the property and animal control was closed. The dog was left behind to die.

I am one among many who find it appalling that an animal was left to die a slow death because no one could take action. This is a case of obvious animal neglect and abuse. This a crime. Why are not these people being charged withanimal neglect. It is our understanding that this family has other animals on their property as well as children. We question if the situation is safe for either.

Why is it that we cannot enforce the laws that we create? We demand an investigation into Casper’s death and that nothing like this happens again in Oregon.

We urge that animal services in Klamath County have emergency 24/7 response. We are also suggesting that a system similar to an Amber Alert for animals being initiated so that any animal control agency or humane group could save the life of an animal in distress. We suggest you call it the Casper Alert.

Yours truly,


Monica Kowalski
Sad to go over it all again. summary is that the neighbors dog was ill with cancer and needed to be put down but the owner….a challenged agent orange viet vet…. could not afford it and not want to ask for help. he shaved the dog supposedly to see where.if tumors were and he and his wife did not want the dog to die in their house so they put
23 minutes ago

Monica Kowalski
it out in the yard. humane society said to call 911 which 5 of us did. cops came out 5 times but had no viable options because animal control folks are closed on weekends. he wouldnot let any of us on his property to help but we did throw over some blankets and water but temperatures saturday night went down and he just froze up and died.

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Dave Reed they and their other pets are nowhere in sight….so not sure what happened since thw weekend showdown.
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Patrick: The Oregon Movement Dave can you give me a general address for these people, I have the Oregon Humane Soc. following up.
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Patrick: The Oregon Movement Dave can you send your phone # to me at
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Amanda Bullerwell-Thiem If this was the case, they should have been able to bring the dog to a vet and have it euthanised for free, esp with it’s medical condition. There should be no reason to have a dog suffer, if a dog is old or very sick, and no cure in sight,…See More
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Patrick: The Oregon Movement I found out that the Humane Society in Klamath Falls would have probably done it but they were not contacted.
April 13 at 2:50pm 路 Like

Amanda Bullerwell-Thiem Then that makes me sad, because there’s always financial help etc for elderly .. there’s no excuse called “I couldn’t afford it” ..
April 13 at 2:52pm 路 Like

Dave Reed a patrol officer is not an expert on ages of animals. did someone verify those claims or is this just another case of bureaucaratic ‘damage control’ and blame shifting ? the so called ‘shelter’ was a blanket we threw over into the yard and…See More
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Mary Meier-Smith That’s so SAD…. how hard is it to bring a dog in from the cold !!!! The owner managed to bring themselves in !!!! BS 馃槮
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Kathleen Grube 鈥嶡Dave Reed – I’m presuming that you are THE Dave Reed that’s mentioned in this note? I have tears in my eyes as I think about your bravery – to speak on behalf of poor Casper while the newspaper in your town is encouraging people to blame…See More
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Helen Smith poor dog well done Dave Reed for speaking out about it too often these incidents are swept under the carpet good luck with it
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