FENCES FOR FIDO Breaking chains and mending fences

As I face the prospect of a new foster dog named Rosie. I started to think about the dogs who are chained and the dogs that are freed from their chains. Fences For Fido is a volunteer group that frees chain-bound dogs and allows them freedom for the first time in their lives. Not all of them are victims of abuse or neglect. However, their lives for their animals and their humans improves for all when the chain is removed.

One thing I did not know about until today, is that sometimes these dogs are surrendered rather than opting to have a fence built for the property. A side effect of trying to help. Yet, the animal will have a chance to be placed with a family that has the time and inclination to take care of that dog.

In terms of relationships, we are like chains. They can be broken and mended or not. The same way with building fences. They can be mended. They can keep things contained or keep things out. Whether we choose to break the chain or mend the fences or mend the chains and tear down the fence, is up to you.

It’s about freedom of choice and not being constrained by chains or fences.


Paw Circle for Mollie Dog from those left behind, LuRain x (via LuRain Penny's STATE OF ESPOUSAL)

Paw Circle for Mollie Dog from those left behind, LuRain x   Friends, Plz send your consolation to the loving family & friends of Mollie Dog. Our Hearts are Broken. Joyous Innocence was her dispostion. Sunny. She smiled with teeth often. Only Dog we ever knew who laughed; wide mouth grin, head bobbing in glee. A very affectionate Girl. Adored her Mom & Dad. Snookums. * Words fail to express our sorrow. * The Best Mollie Memory: (pictured above) From a stand, this huge Old English Sheepdog threw h … Read More

via LuRain Penny's STATE OF ESPOUSAL

Energy by Lightening :: LuRain Penny (via LuRain Penny's STATE OF ESPOUSAL)

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via LuRain Penny's STATE OF ESPOUSAL