Backlash and flack!

One of my “readers” chose to comment on a post I made about a year ago. This was their comment:

YOUR A VERY SICK WOMAN! GET A JOB YOU NUT! I have no shame in admitting that I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I am a recovering alcoholic. No shame in that. No shame in being an alcoholic. Many people with depression self-medicate. Depression and alcoholism are diseases. Making fun of people with a disease is mean spirited. My depression makes me angry, I can lash out but 99 % of my life is directed by kindness and love. It is my own weaknesses that makes me have compassion for others, especially the weaker souls. The underdogs.
Last year, I quit my job after a very stressful period in my personal life. My world was in crisis mode because of a family member who was also going through a very difficult time. I quit my job for several reasons but mainly so that I could deal with this issue on the home front. CRAZY PYSCHOTIC SELF MEDICATE AGAIN TOOTS YOU NEED IT!”
For someone calling themselves a Doctor you would think they would have more sensitivities to people who are dealing with issues of depression and/or alcoholism. So the Doctor is basically saying that everyone who suffers from depression and/or alcoholism are “CRAZY PYSCHOTIC”(sic)  Is that an official diagnosis Doc?

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