Stormy’s Fairy Tale – in progress

Not so long ago, at a house around the corner there was a young dog who lived the first year of her life with a chain padlocked around her neck and tied to a stake in the back yard. The world she knew is the one she saw at the end of the that chain.

Even though the house was filled with a large family, she spent most of her time alone. Every now and then they would remember to feed her and give her fresh water. But days would go by and her food and water dishes would spill. She would eat the old kibble out of the dirt and drink water from the puddles that filled the ground she laid on.

The only protection she had from the rain was the narrow eave of the house and an old dying tree. When it got cold she dug a hole to lie in. Her beautiful gold coat was covered in mud and filth. Even the chain she wore was rusted and kinked and caked with horrible stinky muck. She smelled like old garbage.

In the summer when it was hot, there was no place to get out of the sun. And the dust and dirt filled her nose and made her skin itch. Her fur became thin and clumps would fall out.

The children of the house would always play around her but always out of reach. She was never allowed to run and play with them. Since she was no longer a puppy she wasn’t cute anymore. They teased her by throwing sticks and rocks and food at her. When she would bark at them, they hit her to shut her up.


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