The smallest of creatures

Today a lovely little warbler flew into our front window.  On a beautiful spring day with life bursting all over, this tiny yellow bird is struggling to live. I am watching over it but do not want to touch it as to cause further harm. I am praying it is just in shock and will survive.

At this moment, the fate of that little bird is more important to me than all the petty little people of the world. The flying monkeys who continue to go out of their way to harass me and others. Hypocrites calling others hypocrites. Everything  they accuse me of they have done themselves and then some. The difference is they are a gang of thugs, who think they have power over others and can control what people say or think.

I have struggled to keep you out of my thoughts and it gets easier everyday.  I suggest you try it.

The birds outside my window are more important to me and more entertaining.Wilson's Warbler





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