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Harley to the Rescue – Two Puppy Mill Survivors Hit the Road to Rescue Dogs
In a unique twist to the very serious issue of puppy mills in the United States, two puppy mill survivors, Harley and Teddy, will hit the road this week with a team from National Mill Dog Rescue to rescue puppy mill dogs. Dogs saving dogs!
Harley, a 13 year old Chihuahua and an iconic figure in the world of puppy mill awareness through social media, spent 10 years as a commercial breeder in a puppy mill.  His one-eyed, grizzled image is immediately recognizable, due primarily to the fact he lost an eye being power washed at the puppy mill.  Although suffering with congestive heart failure, he actively uses his Facebook page to spread awareness about the cruel realities of puppy mills and raise funds for non-profit rescue groups.

Teddy, a newcomer to the social media…

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I Remember Mom

On Mother’s Day most other women my age are remembered by their human children. My dogs don’t know Mother’s Day from any others. They love me the same every day. So mostly on Mother’s day I remember my Mom and how I am so grateful to have the memory of someone who was a real human being. Modest, kind, thoughtful and always thinking of others.

She gave me the love of food made by hand and growing your own vegetables.  Her hands touched everything with care.

I just appreciate everything you taught me about taking the time to do things right. How to really clean a kitchen floor or to arrange a bundle of weeds into a stunning display. You could make any meal special or any day special with the way you remembered a favorite flower or color.  You put thought into what you made and into what you gave people. That is why each gift you gave me I cherish and I always will.

I miss you everyday.IMG_0002IMG_0003IMG_0001IMG

Foster Failure

Have dog blog will travel

Do you have a foster failure story of your own???  let’s hear about it…



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