Olympic Animal Sanctuary is No More


(Note:  This post is going to be uncharacteristic in a few ways:  It’s long, perhaps a little scattered and based on the assumption that readers know the back story.)

I want to start by addressing a few issues that I think have been widely misunderstood regarding Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA.  For one, many people have expressed concern that some of the dogs at OAS did not have sufficient access to water.  A dog denied access to water will generally die after several days, depending on various conditions, so obviously the dogs at OAS had access to water.  Furthermore, since most owners do not feed a raw diet, they are likely unaware that raw fed dogs drink significantly less water than kibble fed dogs.  Just because an owner is accustomed to seeing his kibble fed dog lap up bowl after bowl of water every day, it doesn’t mean the…

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While Forks Authorities Played Pass the Buck, Dog Activists Passed the Baton

Set Sonny and Friends Free

It could be a made-for-TV movie, and maybe someday soon it will be. (Markwell, just so you’re not confused, you play the villain, not the hero. I know, it’s hard to believe.)

To read a very well-thought out version of the story, hit this link: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/24/1265171/-From-Twilight-to-Nightmare-to-Hope-a-Christmas-Story

I’ve seen a lot in my 13 years of dog activism. Most I would do anything to unsee, and I’ve been arrested instead of the bad guys five times to date, but who’s counting.

Through everything I’ve seen, nothing—no, nothing—can compare to what just went down with the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, and the way it truly took a village to bring these dogs to freedom.

Officials in Washington were all about playing pass the buck. While the police were NEVER mean or rude to me in Forks—and I genuinely liked them as people—they failed these dogs. Miserably.

Their big excuse was “we have no…

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Letter to Santa, from a shelter dog

Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs

Dear Santa Claws,

Some people don’t believe in you, but I do, because last year you brought me a tube of tennis balls, some yummy treats, a new dog sweater, and a plush, fleecy blue sheep that goes “Baaa-aaa-aaa” when I squeeze and chew on him. I stayed awake a long time next to the fireplace on Christmas Eve, waiting for you to come down, but I never did see you. Just my human Mom and Dad putting some packages under the tree. Thank you for those nice gifts last year! You are pretty special if you can sneak in past me!

This year I only want one thing for me for Christmas, and I promise, promise, promise that I’ve been good. My human Mom and Dad and sister and brother need your help a lot more than I do. See, Santa, my Dad lost something that was important to…

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Afraid of the Dark – Winter Solstice Celebrations

Written by my friend and Cleo’s savior, Cecelia.

Trusting the Heart

Finding Beauty in the Dark

If you’d like music – One More Time – by Steven Walters

I think as a culture, we are afraid of the Dark. This fear prevents us from celebrating Winter Solstice the shortest or darkest day of the year, as a day to celebrate the Dark. Instead we will celebrate the “Coming of the Light”; the Sun, a masculine energy. In 6 months or so we will celebrate Summer Solstice, and we will again celebrate the Light; the longest day of the year and masculine energy. Yet there is a reason for the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall each have their gifts. The Light and the Dark are both worth celebrating.

The Dark can be thought of as the Shadow parts, the hidden, the unknown, something inherently uncomfortable for most of us.

Our culture has not done a good job with creating a meaningful frame of reference for the…

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Animal Circuses May Be Banned In Malta By End Of The Year: Petitions to sign


Animal circuses may be banned in Malta by the end of the year if MPs give weight to what people had to say on the matter.

An overwhelming 94 per cent of the 398 people who took part in apublic consultation exercise believe all animals should be banned from circuses, a spokesman for the Parliamentary Secretariat for Animal Rights said.

Only 21 people, or five per cent, said animals should be allowed to perform in circuses. Four people said the ban should only apply to wild animals and that domestic animals, like dogs and cats, should be allowed to perform.

Despite the result of the consultation exercise, the final decision will be taken by MPs who will be debating the subject in Parliament later this year.

Over the past years animal rights activists have protested whenever an animal circus came to Malta.

NGOsinsisted that using animals…

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Advocates wait outside Olympic Animal Sanctuary to see conditions for dogs: Arrest Made


FORKS, Wash. — It’s a noble cause: Give sanctuary to dangerous dogs whose only other option is being euthanized. But critics say the man who runs the Olympic Animal Sanctuary has failed that mission and the many dogs in his care should be removed.

Despite concerns over living conditions for dogs at a Forks, Wash., dog sanctuary, town officials have elected not to shut down the Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) – this morning, animal advocates from Dogs Deserve Better arrived to see the dogs’ living conditions first hand.

Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Thayne and Rescue Coordinator Robin Budin arrived to the “sanctuary,” at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. The organization had placed a dog named “Sonny,” in the care of OAS and following claims that the dogs at the sanctuary are neglected, they have decided that they want the dog back.

The following was posted about the women’s attempt to see…

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