Afraid of the Dark – Winter Solstice Celebrations

Written by my friend and Cleo’s savior, Cecelia.

Trusting the Heart

Finding Beauty in the Dark

If you’d like music – One More Time – by Steven Walters

I think as a culture, we are afraid of the Dark. This fear prevents us from celebrating Winter Solstice the shortest or darkest day of the year, as a day to celebrate the Dark. Instead we will celebrate the “Coming of the Light”; the Sun, a masculine energy. In 6 months or so we will celebrate Summer Solstice, and we will again celebrate the Light; the longest day of the year and masculine energy. Yet there is a reason for the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall each have their gifts. The Light and the Dark are both worth celebrating.

The Dark can be thought of as the Shadow parts, the hidden, the unknown, something inherently uncomfortable for most of us.

Our culture has not done a good job with creating a meaningful frame of reference for the…

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