“Human Error” Blamed for Oops-Killing in Prince George’s Co


Screengrab from the WUSA website. Screengrab from the WUSA website.

Prince George’s County in MD has had a body shape based ban on dogs since 1997.  Like every other similar ban, it tears families apart and offers no benefit of any kind.  But Prince George’s Co continues to uphold the ban.  Because AHHH Pitbulls!

When a bully breed type dog was surrendered at the Prince George’s Co pound by her owner last week, a local rescue group moved swiftly to save her.  Within hours, they found a foster home where the healthy dog, who was about to give birth to a litter of puppies, could raise her family in safety and comfort.  The rescue advised the pound they were sending a volunteer to pick her up.  But someone at the pound failed to mark the dog’s record with a DO NOT KILL so Prince George’s Co killed her before the rescuer arrived.  Oops.

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Why are Dog People So Damn Crazy?



You’ve seen it.

The internet arguments. The hateful, judgement filled ripostes over obscure matters of philosophy, breeding ethics, training, dog food.

The in-person arguments, accusatory fingers pointing at prong collars, red faces, spittle flying, pausing just a breath before catfights and hair pulling.

The people dressing their dogs up in humiliating costumes (well, I’ll admit to that one), talking about their “furbabies” verus their “skinbabies” and that it’s “all in how they’re raised” and the ubiquitous pitbulls-in-tutus and squeaky juvenile voices.  Don’t shop, adopt!

And the dogs. The money. The time. The extremely tacky dog-themed clothing and jewelry.

For some, it’s a calling, for some, it’s a passion – for some they’re just NUCKING FUTS.

Why? Why is dog “culture” so full of crazy people?

I have a few hypotheses. I figure that I weigh in about a 3/10 on the Scale of Crazy Dog People, for these…

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