Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them

Exposing the Big Game


Please sign and share these petitions.

Stop trophy hunting giraffes

Stop hunting giraffes for sport

Stop any kind of safari hunting in South Africa

Stop the savage and sickening trophy and sport hunting

Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa and a full census

Stop the legal killing of wildlife in trophy hunting

End WWF partnership with pro-hunting lobby

Ban lion farming and trophy hunting

Stop the canned hunting of large cats in South Africa

USF&WService save the lions from mass extinction

Zambian tourist board: to reinstate ban on hunting lions and leopards

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It’s OK- My Dog is Friendly!

It’s OK- My Dog is Friendly!

Couldn’t agree more!

Dogpaddling Through Life

I hate those words.

They always seem to come from a dog owner that means well, but doesn’t think past their own nose.

Sure, your dog is cute, and happy, and obeys ALL of your commands, right?

No. Your dog never comes when you call him or her away from me. But it’s OK, because your dog is friendly.

The Dangerous Breed dog out for a morning walk. The Dangerous Breed dog out for a morning walk.

And so is Rumpy. But Rumpy is a very strong dog. He could jump up on you and knock you down. And I’ll be the first one to tell you that Rumpy doesn’t always mind. But that’s because I’m honest with myself about that, unlike those of you out there with those “friendly dogs.”

To be sure, your dog may be well-mannered much of the time, but if your dog runs up on Rumpy, Rumpy may perceive your unleashed dog as a threat. And…

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I’ve been getting more involved this winter with taking pictures. I’ve always loved to take snappies when ever I go anywhere. But lately, I am taking short excursions just for the sake of finding pictures to take. I’ve done this many times before but it’s been occupying my mind more of late.  Thought I would share some of newest collections of snappies taken around Portland, Oregon. This I call “Towers” 15617_377301055784153_203845360733123970_n 10176037_364144280433164_4998516078967846244_n_tonemapped 10304504_346793102168282_6500659007523287299_n_tonemapped 10365955_360383417475917_2198610341859081768_n_tonemapped 10370438_346793132168279_5328176328979656215_n_tonemapped 10377602_360384357475823_7313658545085367079_n_tonemapped 10383104_349655695215356_5825196127008556628_n_tonemapped 10404137_361834830664109_6570202627307070022_n_tonemapped 10425885_373135932867332_7601706220271168607_n_tonemapped 10570530_361831403997785_3447366435682969687_n_tonemapped 10616267_346793052168287_1380100115102010739_n 10881804_364144287099830_4401526062078145256_n_tonemapped 10882224_361831277331131_6451702005073442340_n_tonemapped 10888737_361831263997799_4492991956359078312_n_tonemapped 10888910_361831227331136_3987379542848528978_n_tonemapped DSCN0749_tonemapped DSCN1020_tonemapped